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The US Government puts out travel advisories for countries around the world.

Currently as of May 6, 2010, The US government has issued a Travel Warning
for Mexico suggesting that US Citizens defer unnecessary travel to the Mexican
states of Michoacán and Tamaulipas, to parts of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Durango,
and Coahuila.  Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) is not mentioned in the warning.  
Rocky Point is located in the state of Sonora.  The travel advisory further
indicates that you should stay in tourist areas and avoid areas of drug trade
and prostitution.  The complete travel advisory can be read here.  

The problem in Mexico right now is a conflict between rival drug lords who are
vying for control of certain drug trafficking routes.  A recent increase in violence
and murders between these rival drug factions has caused a lot of media
coverage.  About 6000 murders occurred in Mexico in 2008, primarily between  
drug traffickers and between drug traffickers and law enforcement.  
Unfortunately, occasionally innocent bystanders get caught in the cross fire.  
This is an increase from an average of 2000 murders per year in previous
years.  The worst cities are Ciudad Juarez,  just south of El Paso, Texas and
Tijuana just south of San Diego California.  There has also been some Activity
in Nogales Mexico which is south of Tucson, Arizona.  Rocky Point Mexico has
been spared this infamy and as of May 10th, 2010 Rocky Point Mexico is not
mentioned in the government advisory as a hot spot for problems.  The border
town that you cross to get into Rocky Point is the town of Sonoyta.  Sonoyta is
not mentioned as a hot spot for problems either.

Crime statistics for murders in the United States compared to Mexico are much
worse. To put this in perspective there are 18,000 murders in the United States
every year vs the 6000 in Mexico.  It is the sudden increase in violence in Mexico
that has caused most of the increase in media attention over this matter.  For
more information click here to go to the US govt site for travel advisories.