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What Cell Phones work best in Rocky Point?

If you want to use your own cell phone make sure you call your service
provider at least two days before you leave for rocky point.

AT&T works the best and is the cheapest.  .60 per minute.
T-mobile works just as good but it is $1.60per minute.

Verizon works but coverage is not good all over town.

In rocky point you can rent cell phones or buy cell phones.

Telcel is the best.  They have better coverage all over town and it is
easier to buy cards to recharge the phone.  It is a pay as you go system.

Movistar is another system that works in rocky point but coverage is not
good in as many areas.  The only place to buy cards to refill your phone
credit is at a Movistar dealer or Circle K stores.

If you buy a cell phone for about $50 from any Telcel or Movistar dealer
and add $10 in phone credit you will get about 45 minutes of US
calling.  This is a really great deal.  Local calls around Penasco, Mexico
are about .50 per minute.

Max's cafe is located down town next to the recently remodeled Penasco
del Sol Motel and also located next to Coldwell Banker real estate.  
Max's offers free internet and
free phone calls to the USA.  If you really
get in a jam and need to make a call, this is a great place to do it.