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Coastal Highway
Long Description
The new Coastal Highway is now complete.  This cuts travel down by 3 hours
from Southern California.  The road goes from the Yuma area including San
Luis Rio Colorado through El Golfo and along the coast of the Sea of Cortez  
down to Rocky Point.  Puerto Penasco continues to make head lines adding a
new international airport near Mayan palace and there is a new border crossing
The Coastal Highway is planned to go from Yuma and the Rio Colorado area
through Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco Mexico and then continue along the coast
to San Carlos, Guaymas and eventually down to Bahia Kino which is the
closest port to Hermosillo. Hermosillo is a town of about 1,000,000 people and
is about a 5 hour drive to rocky point .  It is about a one hour drive from Bahia
Kino which is on the coast to the capital of Sonora, Hermosillo.

The old road from Yuma required travelers from that region or from San Diego
to drive along a rough narrow road Highway 2 from Yuma/Rio Colorado to
Sonoyta and then down to Rocky Point.  This new Coastal Highway is a direct
route that shaves off a lot of time.  You can drive straight from Yuma to Rocky

See this link for Google maps of the region.

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