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The State Department is trying to prevent a public-relations mess, not to
mention chaos at U.S. border checkpoints, by warning Americans that they a
Those who are turned away will have to seek emergency documents
through a U.S. consular office - a process that may take 24 hours or more.
The government approved a new wallet-size card as a cheap and convenient
alternative to passport books. They may be used only by citizens returning to
the United States through land or seaports from Mexico, Canada, Bermuda
and the Caribbean.
The cards are handy for frequent border crossers, and cost just $45 for a
first-time adult applicant, rather than the $100 fee for a passport book and
only $35 for children under age 16.

The state department promises to provide passport documents for
applicants within 3 weeks.  Apply for yours now at any post office.   more info
at or by calling 877-487-2778.

This article created from excerpts from The Arizona Republic dated 2-12-09 see
this link for the entire article