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Safety Tips for your vacation in Rocky Point Mexico aka Puerto Penasco
Safety in Mexico.

Here are common sense safety tips.  I took these tips from the back of a door in
a hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1.  Don't allow anyone into your house, condo or hotel that you don't know.  We
will not send a repairman to interrupt your vacation unless you request one.  
Don't let vendors selling items into your property, no matter how friendly they

2.  Keep your vehicle locked and keep your condo or house locked.  You
wouldn't leave your hotel room door unlocked in an American hotel, don't do it in
Mexico.  Most people are honest but an open door can tempt even honest
people.  Even when you go for a walk on the beach, if you are going to leave
sight of your door, then make sure it is locked.

3.  Don't leave valuables visible and in the open either in your car or vacation

4.  When driving in Mexico, drive safely, buckle up and obey the traffic laws.  
Remember speed is posted in Kilometers per hour. Convert kilometers into
miles here is an example, 100 KPH equals 62 miles per hour. Try to drive
during the day, carry extra water for drinking if you break down and for your

5.  What happens if you break down on the road from the border town of
Lukeville and Sonoyta to Rocky Point?  There are green angels, driving green
and white trucks that will help motorists.

will ask you to pay the fine right there on the spot.  Of course the authorities will
6.  What happens if I get a ticket while driving in Mexico?  Many Police officers
tell you that you should not do this but many people (most people) do.  If you tell
an officer that you want to pay at the police station they will take your drivers
license and you will drive your vehicle following the police officer to the station.  
It takes about an hour and your done.  Sometimes if you request to go to the
police station the police officer will say its not worth it and let you go with a
warning.  Many people choose to pay on the spot because they are on vacation
and feel its just not worth the time.

7. Is crime bad in Mexico?  Is there violence in Rocky Point, Mexico?  There is a
very low level of violent crime in Rocky Point Mexico however burglaries and
theft are more common. I have researched recent reports about violent crime in
Mexico and most of it appears to be near Mexico City far in the south part of
Mexico and in the border towns of Tijuana, Nogales, Juarez and Mexicali. Most
of the crime is also concentrated amongst gang members much the same way
it is in the US.  There are certain parts of almost any major metro area in the US
that you want to avoid.  It is recommended that you stay away from areas where
drug related activities occur. I researched some numbers for violent crimes in
Mexico and compared to the United states, the numbers are actually less in
Mexico than the USA.  

How safe is it in Rocky Point Mexico?  There have been recent reports about
violent crimes related to drug trafficking.  All reports that I have read indicate that
these crimes are amongst the different drug cartels fighting for territory in
Juarez,  Mexico near the Texas border, Nogales, Mexico south of Tucson and
Tijuana south of San Diego.  I have read every report I see and I have not read a
single report about drug trafficking in Rocky Point or any of the other tourist
towns.  It would seem that the Mexican Government understands the
importance of tourism and has done a good job of keeping the drugs and
violent crime out of tourist towns like Rocky Point Mexico.

Driving through Sonoyta:  It seems as though the police have been ticketing
more frequently in this town.  This is the border town as you cross into Mexico.  
After you pass the obelisk at the center of town there is a 10MPH zone and if
you go over that they will ticket. Be sure to wear your seat belt because they will
ticket for this as well. Even if they are standing on the side of the road, if you
don't have a seat belt be prepared to pay.
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